History – Farming

Most people still lived off the land for most of the 19th century, as villages and industry grew, it was becoming more difficult to find agricultural labour.

On nearly every farm wheat and barley was produced, and we can safely assume that this was so in Treoes due to the presence of the Malt House adjoining the Star Inn.

  The remains of the Corn Mill at Ty Candy
The remains of the Corn Mill at Ty Candy

Farmers would have grown oats for animal feed, but due to the importation of cheap corn from the United States the farmers were forced to turn their attention to milk production, and sheep farming. 

We can picture the ride to market day in Cowbridge , the farmers riding their shire horses with their wives seated behind carrying large baskets of produce for sale, meeting pack-mules of the coal merchants carrying coal to Cowbridge and the villages ( D J Francis).

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