From Castles to Cromwell

With the death of Rhys ap Tewdwr, the ‘last King of the Britons,’ the door was open for powerful Norman barons to invade South East Wales, and the Vale of Glamorgan offered rich agricultural soils.

Robert Fitzhammon divided the Vale of Glamorgan between his knights and the area was soon under the control of the Normans. It was at this time that the village we now called Treoes was referred to as Goston, which probably derives from ‘Goose town’.

This section of our website covers the period from the 12th century when the Norman’s first exerted their control, through to the rise in power of Oliver Cromwell, when England and Wales were part of a Republic, and religious persecution of Catholics was at its height.

The pages in this section have been divided into:

Norman Conquest – how the division amongst Welsh Princes led to the conquest of Glamorgan

Goston – the original name of the village and how over the centuries it changed to Treos and then Treoes

Norman Lordships   the powerful Norman families who controlled land and power in the area

Welsh Royal Blood – a bloodline in Treoes that possibly goes back to ancient Welsh rulers

Owain Glyndwr – the Welsh uprising and the fierce battle of Stalling Down

The Tudors and Stuarts – life in Treoes during the 15th and 16th centuries

Trade and Commerce – as trade and travel increased, the influence of the English language begins to dominate

Religious Persecution – the persecution of Roman Catholics and the rise and fall of the Republic



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