From Coal to Cathedrals

In the early 1800s coal mining and other industrialisation began to have its affect and rural villages such as Treoes were to be transformed.

This section also contains the story of how Saron Chapel was established and details the life of one of its most famous ministers, Rees Saron Jones, who went on to have a church named in his memory in Scranton in the United States. Another famous resident was David Howell who was born in Treoes and became the Dean of Saint David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire.

The section has been divided as follows:

Industrialisation and Coal – the first mines and how they affected the residents of Treoes

The Landed Gentry and Rural Life – as estates got bigger there was more pressure on the owners of small parcels of land

Land Inclosure – and how it affected Treoes Moor

Mining Disaster – a tale of the grief that the mining industry created for the village

Saron Chapel – as the Non Confomist movement takes hold, Saron Chapel is founded in 1831

The Rev Dr Rees Saron Jones – the minister for Saron who went onto great things in Pennsylvalina

David Howell – a Treoes resident who’s influence on the Welsh church extended to Pwllhelli, Cardiff, Wrexham and Saint David’s in Pembrokeshire








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