From Nomadic Tribes to Norman Troops

This section contains by far the longest period of history in our website – from the earliest humans that walked and buried their dead in this area dating back over 35,000 years, through to the coming of the Normans about a 1,000 years ago

This is a fascinating part of our history and although records are often scarce or non existent, the mysteries and myths arising from this period in history fill us with wonder and provide boundless opportunities for our imagination.

The section has been divided as follows:

The Stone Age – including the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods

The Bronze Age – with the influx of new tribes, came new technology

The Iron Age the powerful Silures tribe who occupied South East Wales

The Romans – a 400 year period when Britain was part of the Roman Empire

The Dark Ages – with the departure of the Romans we are left with few records of this turbulent time

Celtic Saints – the arrival of Christianity into Wales

Welsh Princes – the rulers of Wales who continued to keep the Anglo-Saxons at bay

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