When we first gathered as a history group in Saron Vestry, one very chilly, damp winter’s evening several years ago, we never for one moment imagined that one day, our efforts would make it onto a website, but here it is!  History in the making!

Our first explorations focused mainly on living memories.  It was a real pleasure hearing and then compiling a wonderful collection of stories and anecdotes from Treoes residents.

As our knowledge grew, so too did our curiosity as we delved into times we knew absolutely nothing about.  It was quite an adventure.

We don’t pretend to know it all.  Should you note an inaccuracy, however small, we would be very grateful if you contact us so we can correct it.  We would also be interested in any additional stories, maps, photographs or information you feel you may be able to offer us and would be delighted to hear from you. 

Explore the history of SarOn & Treoes:

Click on an item from the time periods below:

Nomadic Tribes to Norman Troops

Castles to Cromwell

First Schools to Farming

Hamlet to Hardship

Coal to Cathedrals

Living Memories 1939 – Today

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