History – Romans

Despite their fierce resistance, the group of tribes known as the Silures eventually succumbed to Roman rule.

There are many examples of Roman occupation in the Vale of Glamorgan.

It is suspected that the remains of a settlement called Bovium (place of Cows) has been found under the town of Cowbridge. A Roman bath house was discovered there, which has bricks stamped by the 2nd legion, suggesting some kind of military establishment. Funerary monuments of persons of status including a finely sculpted lion have also been found, as well as evidence of industry including agricultural processing and large scale ironworks. (Source Wikipedia)

  Depiction of a Roman soldier outside an Iron Age dwelling
Depiction of a Roman soldier outside an Iron Age dwelling

In 1997 the remains of shops and houses were discovered in Coopers Lane, and excavations behind Bear Lane have revealed that the military and civilian presence may have been sizeable (Source History of the Vale).

Romano-British pottery of the 3rd century has been found near Llangan School.

The Roman road named Via Julia Martina, built to service the garrisons throughout Wales, runs roughly on the same route as the current A48 road, which is very close to Treoes. This was an important Roman road at the time.

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