History – Turnpike Roads

As trade and travel increased it became more important to keep roads open and in good condition.

It was in 1764 that the first Turnpike Act affecting Glamorgan was passed, the original act having been passed nationally in 1663.  Prior to this Act every Parish was legally obliged to look after its roads, which were generally no more than dirt tracks.

The men of the Parish were expected to give six days free labour each year to maintain them.  Needless to say the maintenance was not very effective, as those having to do the work rarely benefitted from it.

The Toll Roads were run by Trusts. Trustees would be people with personal wealth, they would arrange for siting of the Turnpike gates and the collection of the Tolls. The monies collected would be shared amongst the Trustees and spent maintaining the roads.

The Turnpike in Treoes was situated on the Treoes to Llangan road, just past the entrance to Yr Efail.

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