History – Welsh Royal Blood


Among the early residents of Goston was Sir Watkin (or Watcyn / Walter) Morton, Lord of Goston and Constable of Cardiff Castle.

He was born in 1370 and lived with his wife Gwenllian in Goston Manor, which was probably where Great House is now. They had a son John, born at Goston Manor about 1400.

Gwenllian and her sister Elizabeth were the last of the Welsh line of the Wallensis family (aka Wallleys/ Walsh/ Walshe/ Welsh) whose antecedants can be traced back to Princess Nest, the daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, the Prince of Dehuebarth in South West Wales. Rhys ap Tewdwr himself was a descendent of Hwyel Dda and Rhodri Mawr, both of whom were in turn referred to as ‘King of the Britons’.

  Nest and Henry (later Henry 1 of England )
Nest and Henry (later Henry 1 of England )


Rhys ap Tewdwr’s daughter Nest was born in 1085 and was known for her great beauty. When her father was killed in battle near Brecon, she was taken to the English Court where she became the mistress of William 1st’s  younger brother, Henry. Later, she was married to Gerald Fitzwalter de Windsor, the Constable of Pembroke. 

After Gerald’s death she married Stephende Morisco the Castellan of Cardigan. Stephen had a son William Wallensis, whose mother was Hay, not Nest.

It is thought that this is the William Wallensis who married Isobella, the granddaughter of Princess Nest and Gerald de Windsor. Therefore, Gwenllian Morton, nee Walsh, is a descendant of Princess Nest. 



Gwenllian died in 1427.  A sepulchral brass plaque was left in her memory in the church at Llandough, which had been built by the Wallensis family. The church has since been removed to a site in Leckwith.

Could this mean that more than 600 years ago a child, born in this village was a descendent of Rhodri Mawr, the first named king of Wales?

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